Dyslexia Accommodations Booklet




Have an IEP meeting coming up?

Want your family to understand your dyslexic child better?

Want your coach to understand how your dyslexic athlete ticks?

Invite your teachers, coworkers, coaches, leaders, and family members to join your dyslexia ADVOCACY TEAM with this 17 page personalizable accommodation booklet.

Our personalizable accommodations booklet gives an overview of what Dyslexia is and practical strategies and tips to support your dyslexic in any setting. You will be able to personalise this booklet to how your dyslexic presents uniquely and individually.

Covering strengths, weaknesses, areas that they shine in, and areas that make them shut down. Our PAB is a great resource for every family with a Dyslexic. The goal is for your dyslexic to build a knowledgeable and supportive advocacy team.

Digital File will be delivered when purchased.

You can print off a PAB for your whole advocacy team and hand it out, or use it digitally!

Please reach out with any questions to mandonstrategies@gmail.com


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