My brain is big.
Is yours?

A research based resource for teachers, parents and any brain interested in dyslexia.


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“A must for parents and professionals!! – In my forty years of working with children and adults with neurological learning problems and sensory-motor integration issues I always sought resources for parents and professionals that were simple to understand, clear and well-researched, and practical. This book meets every one of these benchmarks. And, the authors make a great resource team with real experience and real solutions in understanding the world of dyslexia.”

Dr. Jim Johnson
Driven by Principle

Dyslexics do not have a jacked up average brain!

 Dyslexia is a neurological condition where a person’s brain is physiologically different and has a unique way of processing sound, information, and directionality. This causes difficulty with language processing, particularly in reading and spelling, and other issues.  These differences also give the dyslexic many strengths.  

What People Are Saying

Who is This For?

This book is perfect for teachers, parents, special ED teachers and Administrators. Really everyone because 1/5 of the worlds population is dyslexic! So everyone is dealing with dyslexics in their everyday lives!

The book is also Social Content Review Approved
through the California State Office of Education

What is Included?

This book includes complex research that has been transformed into a narrative that anyone can understand. Its full of practical information, helpful tips and tricks, and a success story to give hope to those dealing with dyslexia. 

Section 1

The book is split into three sections. The first is a “The Tale of Two Brains”, which introduces the reader to two adorable “brain” characters that are easy to relate to. By getting to know Alley Average Brain and Dougie Dyslexic Brain, the reader understands the difference between the way a dyslexic brain works compared to that of an average brain.

Section 2

Section two is “Lost in Dyslexia-ville”. This book explores the confusion everyone faces when a bright motivated child enters Kindergarten and cannot perform at school. It uses the idea of Alley Average Brain living in a different land than Dougie Dyslexic Brain. It then goes through the actual warning signs that tell you who may be dyslexic.

Section 3

The third section, “Give Me Strategies or Give Me F’s”, is full of easy to implement ideas that help dyslexic students in the classroom and at home to excel. These ideas have taken the author 20 years to compile, either by trial and error or research. This section’s main objective is to open teachers’ and parents’ minds to different ways to accomplish their objectives in a way that all their students or children can understand


Meet Sharon Mandon

Sharon Mandon is dyslexic wife, mother of three dyslexic daughters, and a 30 plus year credentialed teacher. She began to research dyslexia when her daughters began to struggle with reading and spelling over 20 years ago. She has been a diligent champion for dyslexics both in her private and professional life. 

Recently one of her dyslexic students wrote an essay on the power of the spoken word. She had to use examples from history, but then got to pick a person from their current lives to write about. Her student wrote about Mrs. Mandon and said that her words of encouragement and understanding about dyslexia and the tools she had given her to overcome her challenges had changed her life forever. 

Promoting understanding in everyone towards dyslexia and changing lives for the better is her driving passion and the inspiration for this book.

Her daughters – Sarah, Katie, and Bethany were contributors to the content of this book from the beginning. Dyslexia is a family affair and all successes are shared.

Katie Moore is a stay home mother and the illustrator of “My Brain is Bigger than Yours: The Truth About Dyslexia”. She first did these drawings as a Jr. Higher, still very much struggling with her dyslexia in school. She redrew and painted them recently as a Magna Cum Laud college graduate, gifted artist, Etsy shop owner, and amazing home maker. 

Sarah Warren graduated nursing school with honors, worked in Cardiac, Med. Surg. and with people who had traumatic brain injuries as a nurse and is now a first time mom. She is a avid gardener, excellent event planner and is launching her own photography business.

Bethany graduated from college with her teaching credentials and currently teaches first grade. She is an athlete, and is a huge advocate for her students and also creates educational YouTube videos to aid other parents and teachers as they educate their students.







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